Tatweer Commercial Center

Located in Benghazi, Libya, the Tatweer Commercial Center will become a 128,000 m² multi-use shopping complex encompassing a water park, amphitheater, artificial lake, playground, video arcade, and movie theater. The mall itself will have a unique design, resembling a sea wave, with huge interior spaces, multiple major entries and large ground floor plazas that merge with the open-air restaurants, cafes, and shops along the courtyard interior. The mall’s top floor will boast a multiplex cinema, food court, and children’s video arcade and game zone. Connected to the mall will be a four-hectare water park, including a 750-seat amphitheater based on the archaeological roman ruins at Sabratha.

Multi-use shopping complex with waterpark, amphitheater, artificial lake, game zone, and movie theater

  • Total building site: 128.000 m²
  • Complex includes:
    • 60,000 m² shopping mall
    • 20,000 m² artificial lake
    • 3,500 m² children’s game zone
    • 750-seat amphitheater

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